How to Find a Good Bookkeeper – Local or Remote

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What Makes a Good Bookkeeper and How Do You Find Them?

You Can Choose a Bookkeeper from Anywhere in Australia

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A powerful feature of cloud-based, online accounting software is the capability for multiple users to login at the same time and from anywhere.

This means you can find the best bookkeepers at reasonable rates no matter where they live.

Our Bookkeeper Listings provide you with the details of bookkeepers who are willing to work locally and remotely, and who possess varying levels of experience in bookkeeping, accounting and administrative tasks.

Whether you just have a niggling problem, want to get your business set up, or have found that you’ve become so busy in your business that your bookkeeping has suffered and needs “rescue bookkeeping work”, hiring a bookkeeper, either locally or remotely, will bring you up to speed and ensure your compliance with the ATO.

What Makes a Professional Bookkeeper?

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Whether you are looking to hire a bookkeeper who lives nearby, or one who lives elsewhere in Australia and is working for you remotely, your bookkeeper must have certain attributes.

A professional bookkeeper must be competent in the tasks you need them to do, use compatible accounting software package/s, charge a reasonable rate and get along with you and your team. This is regardless of the individual skill level and experience of the bookkeeper.

In our Bookkeeper Listings, we display detailed information about each bookkeeper to help you find the right bookkeeper for your business, including their:

  1. Skill level and experience
  2. Training and education
  3. Preferred hourly rate, and
  4. Location preferences (where they would like to work)

Contact Your Bookkeeper/s of Choice

Although you will glean a lot of information about our bookkeepers from their Bookkeeper Listing Profile (even if it is an anonymous Talent Pool Listing), you will still need to contact the bookkeeper directly.

We suggest you speak with the bookkeeping candidate on the phone or via email to form a better understanding of their personality and how well they’ll fit with your organisation.

How Much Should You Pay a Bookkeeper?

There are some acknowledged industry rates for bookkeepers. However, people are prepared to pay different rates for different things based on what they consider “good” for their business. Likewise, bookkeepers charge themselves out at different rates, even if performing lower or higher-level tasks.

Some people consider a bookkeeper to be “good” simply because they charge a low rate and adequately complete bookkeeping skills; others consider a “good bookkeeper” to be someone with fantastic accounting skills, but who may not be a “people person” and prefers to work remotely. Some choose a bookkeeper based largely on their personality as well as their bookkeeping skills.

Certainly, as bookkeepers become more qualified, the bookkeeping industry as a whole is becoming a respected “profession”, rather than simply a part-time job opportunity. Therefore you will find people calling themselves “bookkeepers”, with vastly different skills and experience.

Read more about industry rates for bookkeepers and the tasks they perform

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Cheaper, Junior-Level Bookkeepers

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Depending on the bookkeeping tasks you require, a lesser experienced bookkeeper may be fine for your needs.

Indeed, many small businesses find that hiring trainees or junior-level bookkeepers is perfect for their accounting needs because they can employ a person who may be highly enthusiastic and willing to learn, whilst also charging a lower rate because of their inexperience. Yet these junior and more inexperienced bookkeepers can still perform a whole range of different business and accounting tasks.

Cheap, less experienced bookkeepers normally perform a gamut of data entry tasks; read more about the Daily Transaction Tasks performed by Level 1 and Junior Bookkeepers.

Higher Level,  Experienced Bookkeepers

Senior Bookkeeper - good, local, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks accounting - Level 2 & 3

As much as inexperienced, yet enthusiastic bookkeepers can suit a lot of businesses, bookkeepers who are still “learning on the job” do not suit everyone.

Many clients simply want their accounts done correctly the first time; it’s not unusual for companies to pay the high hourly rates of accountants just to do basic bookkeeping tasks!

Learn about Registered BAS agents and BAS Services or see the Job Description of a Finance Manager

Many clients simply want their accounts done correctly the first time; it’s not unusual for companies to pay the high hourly rates of accountants just to do basic bookkeeping tasks!


Accounting by Industry

Many bookkeepers have experience in particular industries. Indeed, if you are in a niche industry, you may require a bookkeeper with experience in the same industry as your business.

Many bookkeepers, living locally or remotely from you, have also had experience running or managing businesses; these bookkeepers bring with them a breadth of experience. Areas of expertise may include:

  • Credit Management
  • Payroll
  • Operations and Management
  • Human Resources
  • Capital Raising
  • Complex Financial Reporting; and many other things.

Read more about industry rates for bookkeepers of all levels and the tasks they perform

To Recap: Why Hire a National Bookkeeping Bookkeeper?

ATO Compliance & BAS


Your bookkeeper or accounts team are there to ensure you are compliant with ATO requirements. Our National Bookkeeping bookkeepers include experts at ATO compliance and BAS.

But you can hire a different level of bookkeeper for different levels of work.

For instance, many of our bookkeepers are working towards becoming registered BAS agents and they are able to work with our already-registered BAS agents to build up their hours for accreditation. For you, this means you can hire a lower-level bookkeeper for daily accounting work, and a higher-level, more experienced bookkeeper, for compliance and reporting.

Learn about BAS Services and Registered BAS Agents

Professional Standards


Our members agree to our strict Code of Conduct and agree to be rated publicly for the work they do. They also agree to uphold professional standards in customer service. Therefore, you are welcome to contact us at any time regarding anyone listed in this bookkeeper directory.

Our Bookkeepers, Office Admins, Financial Controllers and Finance Managers rely on us for their professional branding and marketing so they can focus more on their skills, knowledge and doing a great job for you.

One of the key tasks a bookkeeper can perform for your business is updating your Bookkeeping Procedures Manual to ensure your procedures are documented and can be systemised.

Learn more about Bookkeeping Procedures Manuals

Professional Conduct

Professionalism is paramount and some of the contractors in this directory are starting out on a new bookkeeping businesses, therefore we provide them with professional services agreements that they can use when engaged to perform work for you. This is a great way to establish a professional service where the bookkeepers understand that they need to provide a top quality service while also expecting to receive their payment promptly too.

With a contract bookkeeper you get the benefit of hiring an expert in their field without the onerous commitment of hiring an employee, plus your contract bookkeeper is at arms length so they are perfect to manage your financials.

Professional Services Agreements


An agreement that openly states the services provided, terms, financial rewards and obligations on both parties is one of the most important aspects of a great working relationship.

Incorporating a client engagement letter, it’s a starting point where both parties understand what they need to do to work efficiently together.

It takes a bookkeeper time and effort to understand how your business operates and what services you need so our bookkeepers and BAS agents go through a solid needs assessment of your business to understand exactly how and where they fit in.

Learn about Bookkeepers Professional Services Agreements

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Learn MYOB, Xero or QuickBooks

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If you want to become better at bookkeeping yourself, see the range of training options we provide in Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Excel and business administration. The most cost effective solution for cloud accounting software training is to select from one of our packages.

Keep your finances in good shape so you can get great reports to make good decisions for your future.

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Cloud accounting programs like Xero enable every small business to operate better and more efficiently “on-the-go” — and with live bank feeds, data entry, bank reconciliation and reporting is much faster and simpler!

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