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What does it take to be a Registered BAS Agent?

Who needs to be a Registered BAS Agent

All bookkeepers who wish to provide a BAS service for a fee, must

  1. Hold a Certificate IV in Financial Services (Bookkeeping or Accounting) or higher to be eligible for registration, where you are taught about GST and BAS. This subject is delivered by thousands of Registered Training Organisations – RTO’s – across Australia and you can learn more at the training.gov.au website including how to find an RTO to teach you.
  2. Register with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) and adhere to the requirements of this body, which includes:
    1. Being a fit and proper person
    2. Having the qualifications above
    3. Having the experience (more on relevant hours below)
    4. Maintaining Professional Indemnity Insurance
    5. Demonstrate ongoing education (CPD/CPE)

Get experience to get registered

Becoming certified with the TPB is a lot like getting your drivers license: you need to be able to demonstrate the relevant experience of at least 1,400 hours (or 1,000 hours if you’re a member of a professional organisation — like the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

If you’re working under the supervision of another registered Tax or BAS agent, you cannot provide any Tax or BAS services to any clients you may pick up of your own. In other words, you must only provide tax or BAS services to clients known to your supervising Tax/BAS agent.

For some newcomers to the industry, this may seem daunting because conventional wisdom suggests that you must take on some form of permanent employment, working for a bookkeeper or accountant who is registered with the TPB and can supervise you while you gain the necessary skills to go out on your own but that’s not actually the case, you can connect with a BAS Agent.

Connect with a BAS Agent for Relevant Hours

One of the benefits of working with National Bookkeeping is that you can perform non BAS related work, like:

  • Installing computer accounting software (without tailoring GST and tax codes to the client),
  • Entering data according to tax codes that are already determined and setup for the client,
  • Preparing bank reconciliations,
  • Providing general training in software and systems for accounting and bookkeeping purposes,
  • Coding transactions, into accounting software without interpretation of tax codes for BAS purposes.

If you find a client that needs BAS Services you can work with one of our registered BAS agents to ensure these services are delivered legally while also using your hours as “Relevant Experience”.

Kick Start Your Own Business

Performing non-BAS services to start with is a good way to start your own bookkeeping business NOW, while gaining the skills, experience and connections to become a registered BAS Agent and offer BAS services in the future.

National Bookkeeping aims to help you utilise your knowledge, qualifications and experience to build a solid marketing strategy & plan to go to market with a compelling reason for businesses in your area to use your services. You can start for a low fee as a Self Starter or utilise our joint marketing resources to get to market and be discovered quickly.

Learn more

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What makes up a BAS Service?

The BAS services page on the ATO website can provide you with information about the qualification requirements and the education requirements for BAS agents to become certified with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) so you can offer tax and BAS services to their clients.