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Online bookkeeping cloud accounting services using MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero

We can provide you with flexible, value-for-money training options that will teach you how to use accounting software systems like Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks and Excel.

MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks are all powerful accounting software packages. Each enables you to perform your bookkeeping from anywhere using a laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. This means your accounting team (bookkeeper, accountant or accounts receivable staff and so forth) can access the accounting file at the same time — from anywhere.

MYOB is best known in established businesses in Australia; QuickBooks was its long-time competitor (and is growing with the direct marketing support from its maker in the US [Intuit]; and Xero is the New Zealand software company that is taking the accounting world by storm.

1. Remote / Cloud Bookkeeping Software Training

One-to-one training is an effective form of training for ongoing bookkeeping work or one-off tasks. It’s also a great way to drill down into specifics about your situation or business when combined with an online training course. Our one-to-one trainers, whether working face-to-face or remotely, are committed to actively listening to you and helping you learn. The learning is student-driven and personal; with a high degree of openness in the sharing of information and asking of questions.

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free Xero Setup Training Course from local bookkeepers2. Online Xero Software Training Courses

If you prefer to do an online course you’ll find a Xero Online Training Course to suit the level of detail you need — whether you just want to perform daily transactions or if you want full control for all aspects of your business.

If you’re already a bookkeeper and you like the idea of helping us teach small business owners and managers around Australia and even internationally complete the Xero Bookkeeping Pro Package and we’ll include SILVER Membership at no extra cost.

This gives you a digital profile on our website in addition to a thorough knowledge of Xero (provided via our proven and popular Xero online training courses).

The benefits of combining one-to-one with online training courses

Tracey-ONeill-Xero-Certified-BAS-Agent-Bookkeeper-for-bookeeping-training-and-consultingI’ve been a Bookkeeper for more than 20 years and find more and more business owners are asking for training because today’s bookkeeping tasks aren’t quite as easy as the software companies make out. Learning how to use bookkeeping software one-to-one combined with an online course is a great way to learn because, as a trainer, I cover all the topics my clients need in a logical order which follows the flow of the course and which will also help them in their daily operations, but clients can also learn what they need to specific to their own situation.”

— Tracey O’Neill, Registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper, QuickBooks Pro Advisor


3. Free Xero Training Course Workbook

If you want to test the quality of our training, email us to receive your FREE copy of our Xero Setup Training Course Workbook. It’s one of six Xero training courses we offer and will give you a sound understanding of how to navigate and use Xero at a basic level, as well as the basic bookkeeping skills every business owner should know.

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4. One-to-One or Face-to-Face Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks Online Training

Do you want customised, personalised training in how to manage your accounting and bookkeeping systems? We offer one-to-one  or face-to-face training that can be done for individuals or groups in your own home or office, or remotely.

This kind of training might be as simple as having a bunch of questions answered and your own specific business needs worked through by a fully-qualified professional in one half-day or full-day session, or ongoing monthly bookkeeping rescue work.

It’s a good choice for small business owners and managers who need to get other work done and don’t want to be bogged down with learning the intricacies of accounting work themselves. It’s also great for employees or contractors needing to know specific tasks.

Our trainers are highly qualified in Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks accounting software among others, and include finance managers, registered BAS agents and accounting degree-qualified accountants and bookkeepers.

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5. Xero Training Course Packages

Need Xero accounting software skills to find a bookkeeping job or all the skills to run your own business? Do you already operate a bookkeeping business and want a Xero training system that you can deliver to your clients or new clients?

Our package options roll our Xero online training courses into a bundled deal so you can choose the right course for the right price.

Xero online training course pricing table comparison career academy applied dynamic

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Why Xero?

Xero is great for business bookkeeping because it saves you time, money, travel and hassle compared to desktop accounting software, However, not using Xero correctly can start with small niggling inconsistencies and soon build up into a large, complicated and overwhelming accounting mess! This, in turn, can result in time-consuming “undoing” of work and then spending precious time performing catch up or rescue work.

Many of our clients who are just starting out in business, or having problems with Xero, have benefited from our one-to-one and private face-to-face training and tuition options

These are some common issues:

  • Xero Payroll: Meeting the correct awards, hourly rates of pay, leave accrual and superannuation calculations & payment (payroll)
  • Xero bankfeed issues and errors — missing entries, duplicate entries, missing transactions. All these need to be sorted out before your bank account and software can be reconciled (end of month)
  • Problems with credit management, managing quotes, invoicing and bills (daily transactions)
  • Incorrect setup at the very beginning — small issues soon become a lot more complicated (setup)

Xero is intuitive and relatively easy to use, but if you are experiencing problems with Xero you’re not alone!

As a business startup or established business owner, there are better things for you to be spending your time on than setting up your accounts through trial and error — particularly when you’re relying on your accounting and financial reports to determine how well you’re going and where you need to focus your own time and energy.

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Just in need of a “Quick Fix Solution”?

With so many experienced bookkeepers on hand, we are happy to help you if you simply have a niggling issue that you need to resolve before you can go on with the rest of your work. It doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, we can help you. Just ask us about our “Quick Fix Solutions”: Half an hour of remote support for $65 including GST.



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