About Us

steve-and-national-bookkeepingmark-and-national-bookkeepingExperience in Business and Bookkeeping

Behind National Bookkeeping is the team of Steve Slisar (right) and Mark Darling. We have sound experience in the bookkeeping and accounting industries, in digital agency work and running our own businesses more generally, to effectively bridge the gap between employed bookkeepers and accounts people (often working in a corporate environment and who reside in urban areas) and small to medium businesses in regional areas of Australia.


We’re helping connect corporate employees, wanting to start their own businesses, with small to medium businesses wanting to find a good local bookkeeper.


Between them, Steve and Mark have started a number of businesses and spent a great deal of time refining business processes and systems; perfecting sales and marketing pitches; and bringing these businesses through the full evolution of start up to exit.

National Bookkeeping uses traditional methods of selecting very good people with solid skills, experience and positive attitudes, and helping them find the right fit with clients in different industries who want a capable, happy and co-operative team of accounts people.