Daily Transactions

Orders, payments, invoices and receipts happen every day

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Daily bookkeeping transactions involve every staff member that order, sells or pays for something and these transactions are were data collection and entry occur. When one of these daily transactions occur it is very important to make sure you keep good records that you’ll be able to refer to in the future – like when your accountant or bookkeeper asks you what a receipt was for or what does XX company supply you with.

We’ve included a summary below to help you identify the common daily tasks:

Daily Sales Transactions

Invoicing, choosing sales layouts, entering items, changing item information, setting or allocating invoice payment terms (credit management), entering a service invoice, time-billing and printing, creating a sales quote (deposit and terms are credit management), creating a sales order, converting quote to order, converting order to invoice, convert order to invoice

Finding Transactions

Sales register, transaction Journal, to do list navigation, to do list – AR and AP, intro to statements, intro to find transactions, find transactions in detail, find invoices, keyboard shortcuts,

Email and Print Invoices and Statements

Printing receipts (POS), print or email an invoice (Credit Management), printing unprinted invoices, emailing or printing statements (Credit Management), email or print activity statements, invoice vs activity statements

Credits, Bad Debts and Reversals

Recording a cash sale, entering credits, settling credits and returns, bad debts (credit management), deleting payments & sales, reversing transactions,

Receive payments


Receipts and part-payments, apply payments while invoicing (credit management may include having merchant services), receive payments account, receive payments for an invoice, handling over payments


Creating a purchase, creating a purchase order, converting purchase order to bill, create an item credit, purchases register, settling credits, reverse or edit a purchase,

Making payments

Allocating payments based on limited budget, speaking with suppliers to extend or manage terms, making and recording payments, coding payments


How much do you owe, accounts receivable, analyse payables, inventory levels, ordering, cash-flow requirements

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