Bookkeeping Packages and Services

Independent Contractors

When you hire a bookkeeper as an employee you hire them for an award wage and for their skill level and then you give them all your accounting tasks and delegate up or down depending on the tasks, but with contract bookkeeping your bookkeeper is available when you need them and sometimes on an adhoc basis. Contract bookkeepers provide their own professional services so just like most other businesses which operate on this basis they need to ensure that they earn enough money and can schedule their time so they are working most of the week, particularly at the lower end of the payscale.

Contract Accounts Team

If you want to use several accounts team members for a variety of purposes you may went to use our services to create a Contracted Accounts team and leave the accounting and bookkeeping up to us.


Service Packaging

These packages are common for bookkeeping services and take into account the type of work performed and how flexible, casual or permanent the work is. The rate you pay a bookkeeper will vary depending upon how often you use their services. Training in how to use a software program is usually much more expensive than using a contract bookkeeper on a weekly basis because the trainer makes a couple trips to your office, conducts the training and then you may not see them again unless you want to use their services for bookkeeping or some financial reporting and management.

Please make sure you visit this page before making contact with one of our bookkeepers because they’ll be aware of these options and have their own preference for how they’d like to work.

Monthly Bookkeeping Services

monthly-bookkeeping-services-by-a-local-bookkeeper-using-myob-xero-or-quickbooks-can-provider-better-reportsBusiness performance, compliance and financial reporting are the main reasons to have a bookkeeper perform work on your finances once a month. It could also be because your business is small and the bookkeeper can perform a number of different tasks in the day or two they are at your site.

Monthly Cashbook Cloud

This package enables a bookkeeper to use the latest cloud based software and live bank feeds to perform most of the work from their own home or office. Cashbook accounting means you don’t have any accounts receivable or payable to take care of so it’s just a case of reconciling your accounting software to your actual bank transactions each month.

Cloud Accounting Packages


Monthly Bookkeeping Services

Cashbook Onsite

This package is much like the service above, but where the bookkeeper comes to your offices to perform their work. This involves travel time and takes dedicated hours from the bookkeepers schedule so they are not able to work late at night or on weekends on your bookkeeping.

Monthly Cashbook Onsite is a packages that ensures all of your real world transactions are reflected in your accounting software and the result is you’ll be able to produce good financial reports to understand the health of your business.

Monthly Retainer Onsite

This package enables you to get regular access to your bookkeeper for a variety of tasks. Ideally you would organise set scheduled days to work with your bookkeeper but this give the bookkeeper regular work and you a valuable resource when you need it!

Monthly Retainer Cloud

Companies like this because they know that they are paying to have someone available when they need them with the understanding that this person works remotely using the latest cloud based accounting and communications technology.

Cloud Accounting Packages


Weekly Bookkeeping Services

weekly-bookkeeping-tasks-performed-by-a-local-or-remote-cloud-bookkeeper-using-myob-xero-or-quickbooksWeekly bookkeeping tasks are commonly centred around data entry for higher volume transactions in purchases or sales as well as the regular followup required for good credit management and to keep key stake holders up to date with financial performance. Weekly services are also common where there are few employees or more and their payroll is processed on a weekly basis.


Onsite Services

Weekly Minimum Onsite

Some bookkeeper prefer to have fewer clients and do more work for them. This work can include administrative duties like calling and following up on payments or accounts and even filing.

Weekly Minimum Cloud

This bookkeeping package enables a bookkeeper to work flexibly for several clients without needing to travel and spend time in your actual office, hence the prices are reduced. If your bookkeeper has good knowledge of how cloud accounting programs like Xero and Quickbooks can be used to capture receipts and helping you invoice on the go using a tablet or smartphone app your bookkeeper will be able to keep your data up to date each week.

Even payroll and time sheets these days can be managed using apps and if used correctly and accurately your weekly payroll can be processed by a bookkeeper remotely in the cloud.

Cloud Accounting Packages

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Industry Experts

Sometimes the best quality bookkeeper, financial or credit controller or even accountant is based more on your industry and the industry experience of your preferred bookkeeper. Our members have experience in a vast array of industries.

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