What Makes a Good Bookkeeper?

Flexible Bookkeeper

The reason most small businesses choose a contract bookkeeper is because the workload isn’t large enough for full-time work. In each bookkeeper profile you’ll see how the bookkeeper prefers to work, your bookwork can be completed a few hours each week, after the end of each month or at the end of a quarter so you are prepared to have your BAS completed on time.

Convenient Location

One of the reasons we created National Bookkeeping is to help bookkeepers find work that is close to where they live, this is also great for you because it’s always better to work close to where you live.

Online Bookkeeping

If you use a cloud-based accounting program and are comfortable with your bookkeeper they can perform their work from home in hours that suit them and ensure they can be done quicker, compared to the bookkeeping needing to schedule a half day or so to come and see you.

Accurate, Efficient and Reliable

By conducting an initial consultation with each client a National Bookkeeping licensee understands your small business bookkeeping requirements. This ensures fast and accurate bookkeeping services which ends up saving your money.