Ideal Bookkeeping Client 2

The business owner talks a lot and loves speaking with his customers, suppliers and team members. He has a kitchen in a main road shop but sells “specialty” foods that he mainly sells directly online and via street market stalls.

The business owner hires contract staff when he needs them because he doesn’t want all the hassle associated with PAYG and his staffing needs are sporadic – plus he knows his 2 team members well and they are happy with the arrangement.

He was given bad advice and over-charged by a “Vendor Certified Consultant” several years ago and due to the huge disruption caused by Covid-19 shut downs has not reconciled his accounts for over 2 years. Nor has he lodged any tax returns or BAS’s.

The owner is very hands on so he doesn’t want the bookkeeper to perform any of the daily transactions and wants to learn how to do his own bank reconciliation.

Because of the incorrect transaction coding in the past he wants to change the categories and summary information that is in the software because he lodges with the ATO.

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