Pre Qualification and Services

Getting Started as a Bookkeeping Contractor

Bookkeepers vary in experience, skill, software programs they use, size of businesses they’ve worked with, specialisation and so many other things that it is important to understand your circumstances before trying to help. We also have a number of services centred around helping to connect bookkeepers with small business and other potential partners and we want to know which of these you are looking for.

Marketing Services for Bookkeepers

Some bookkeepers come to us because they want exposure via a directory listing on our website, others want to be connected with mentors and business advisors, while others want to use our digital marketing services to promote and build their business online without having to focus on brand focused marketing.

If you are interested in any of the following, please feel free to Start Now and let us know what help you need:

  • Directory Listing at our Site to get more exposure
  • I’m a registered BAS agent and want to find more clients
  • I’m a BAS or Tax Agent and am willing to lodge BAS’s for non-BAS registered bookkeepers
  • I’m interested in signing up, using your brand and would like some help with marketing
  • I just want to be part of your directory in case you need someone to do bookkeeping in my area

Start Now Procedures and Cost

If you just want to go into our bookkeeping directory talent pool there is no cost to you. We use this database to source good quality local bookkeepers when we receive an enquiry from a potential client. If you are interested in contracting to National Bookkeeping or Signing up to use our bookkeeping business collateral and training these are the steps:

  1. Complete the Find Work as a Bookkeeper Form and tell us a bit about yourself
  2. Choose a skill level and ideal price range (this can always change in the future). Refer to our bookkeeper rates to get an idea of skill level and retail charge out rates. Understand that we can change the rate and other information on your digital profile after it is published if you prefer.
  3. Choose the services you want to sign up for and then make your payment.

Pre Qualify Now    Quick Start