Bookkeeping Business Brand Licence – Training and Plan

Licence to Start a Bookkeeping Business with National Bookkeeping

  • The first step in joining National Bookkeeping is to Pre Qualify and choose an option that includes a Skills Assessment. We’ll then review your qualifications, experience and skills and provide you with feedback and if you pass our requirements you’ll be invited to Join us.
  • You’ll then be taken through our bookkeeper induction and learn some secrets and tips from an experienced bookkeeper and receive your National Bookkeeping licence.
  • The next stage is to start to research your market and refine the services you want to offer, how much you want to charge and what type of clients you want and you’ll work through all these in the business startup and admin course where you’ll create your own bookkeeping business plan.
  • Your digital profile will be setup on the Natbooks website and as a licencee potential clients can contact you directly.
  • You’ll be setup in our system with your own Natbooks email address and receive 1000 business cards that you can use to promote your services
  • You’ll be eligible to sign up for the Education Partner Program and have access to all Office and Accounting software program courses as well as the capacity to earn a passive income as an online training course affiliate.
  • You can work with your mentor / regional manager regarding marketing or sales strategies and initiatives to build awareness of your skills and services and also work through typical sales pipeline scenarios

Topics in the Business Startup Course

Start-a-micro-business-working-remotely-from-home-in-accounting-freelance-writing-social-media-marketing-virtual-assistant-Career-Academy-Training-Short-Courses-25-per-weekThe Business Startup and Admin Course includes a broad range of topics that someone must know if they are going to start their own business. These aspects include legal, operation, marketing and these skills are important for every business you work in, as well as giving you a well rounded education about topics that every business has to cope with.

Our Small Business Course was created by The Australian Small Business Centre who has trained over 1,000 people to start and grow their own business. Our own Registered BAS agent went through this course and created a business plan for a bookkeeping business that is available to you once you join.

What’s included:

  • Originate and Develop Concepts
  • Business Planning and Marketing Introduction
  • Establish Legal and Risk Management
  • Intellectual Property and General Law
  • Researching the Market & Establishing a Call to Action

business plan for bookkeeping businessBookkeeping Business Plan

The great news for you is that our Registered BAS agent has gone through this course and created a business plan that is available to you to modify as you need to for your own circumstances.

Taking the time to plan your new business helps you more clearly define:

  1. How you would like to work,
  2. Who your ideal clients are
  3. How many clients you need
  4. How much you need to charge

Your business plan also helps to give you confidence of the need for your services (because you would have done the research) and provides you with a road map to successfully build your business from scratch and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Training Professional Partner

Although it may not be your initial focus you may find that you spend a lot of your time teaching your clients how to use the Office or Accounting software themselves. Membership to National Bookkeeping includes being an Professional Partner with the capability of earning an extra income source by selling online training courses or performing training yourself.

We are a training and support business and our focus is to help people like you – people who can learn by themselves using online training resources. There are plenty of other people who need more hand holding, more one to one/personal help and you could be one of those people who use our resources to deliver training to your own client base of students.

You’ll have the benefit of over 15 years of training experience and all of the training workbooks to takes students on their learning and discovery journey. If you choose this path you’ll be able to combine your people skills with technical skills and help make big changes in people’s lives.

BAS audit, self assessment and benchmarketing to remain compliant with ATOBookkeeping Contractor Induction

Learn how a professional bookkeeper finds new clients and manages their time and clients each week.

The bookkeeper induction is designed to help you feel confident in presenting yourself to new and existing clients and provide techniques that you can adopt in your daily activities to attract inquiries, know whether a potential client will be a good client and manage your workload.

Networking, Referral & sales training coursesNetworking, Referrals and Sales Training

The key to starting and growing a business is sales, the conversion of prospects who are interested in using your services into clients who pay for your services. One way of attracting them is with an online marketing campaign to highlight you, your skills and your charges.

Once potential clients are in contact with you you then go through your selling process. The other way is to go to networking events, build a referral network and learn how to qualify potential clients to see if they are an ideal client for your business.

You’ll receive this training as part of your brand licence fee.

Brand Licence

When you communicate with clients via your Bigpond, Optusnet, Hotmail or Yahoo email address they may get the feeling that you’re not professional enough to support their detailed, complicated or private accounting information.

National Bookkeeping was built to help good bookkeepers start a business and use our existing infrastructure to attract clients and build a solid and professional profile so included in the licence is a National Bookkeeping email address ([email protected]) as well as 1000 business cards you can use to communicate with potential clients and referral partners.

Sales and Marketing is Important

When you are confident with your skills and knowledge and believe you deliver good value for money it’s easy to talk about what you do.

We’ve designed a sales and marketing system that takes potential clients through the sales funnel process to understand how you can provide significant benefit to their business. Combined with your knowledge and a solid business plan you’ll have a system in place that you can simply repeat to get lots of new customers that you want to have.

Learning how to sell is a skill that some people think is hard to learn, but when you’re simply helping small businesses with something they need and you are confident doing it just becomes part of the conversation.

You’ll learn how to converse with prospects about their bookkeeping requirements and lead them towards your services if they are the right type of customer.

Marketing is something that we work on to bring traffic to our site and subsequently your services. Read more about our Sales and Marketing Support.

Become a Certified Contractor

ASBC-Crest-smaller-Certified-ContractorTrust and reputation go hand-in-hand so it’s important to work towards a code of conduct and be transparent in your business dealings. When you’ve completed the Small Business Startup and Admin course you’ll be able to display the Certified Consultant logo on your social media sites, email signature and letterhead and business stationary.

Low Startup and Licence Fees

There is a low Joining Fee and Licence fee so you can focus on practicing your sales pitch, service packages, getting clients and providing great customer service. We’re not a franchise so you only need to continue as long as you feel you’re getting value for money – do don’t take any percentage of your sales and your customers are YOUR customers.

See what’s included in the Membership Packages

Do You Have More Questions?

We’ve tried to include as much information as possible about what is included in the National Bookkeeping membership but here are some frequently asked questions that may help fill any gaps.


The Find Work as a Bookkeeper Pre-Qualification Process enables us to collect your details and experience as well as other information we can use to promote you online. When you’ve competed all your details choose the services you’d like us to provide:

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