3. PLATINUM Package: Bookkeeping Business and Marketing Campaign

PLATINUM Package: Be Part of Something Bigger

national-bookkeeping-sydney-head-officeIt’s one thing to have software skills or bookkeeping skills. It’s another to be able to package and promote these services to small businesses who need them.

If you are part of a group, like National Bookkeeping, clients frequently feel more confident using your services. That said, it takes your own sales capabilities to close a sale and that’s why we include sales and marketing training in all of our bookkeeping business packages.


Marketing Your Bookkeeping Services and Getting You Exposure

As an individual, you have a direct influence on a small business owner’s decision to use your bookkeeping services. After all, sometimes, all it takes is a conversation and a chance for you to build rapport with your prospect. Where we come in is helping to get you the exposure so small business owners and managers discover you amongst hundreds of potential bookkeepers.


Marketing and Your Services

Part of bookkeeping business marketing includes defining your services and how you deliver them. The work done by bookkeepers varies greatly — from bookkeeping and office admin, to financial controller and senior accountant, so it’s very important for you to clearly define your services, how you want to deliver them (ie. Virtual CFO or cloud-based bookkeeper) and how much you want to charge.


How We Show You Off

use-content-marketing-to-get-your-website-and-business-discoveredOur first step is to clearly identify information about you, including:

  • Your location and service delivery area
  • The services you are comfortable supplying,
  • Which software you know how to use, and
  • A payment rate for the work you do.

We then work with you on a digital strategy which will highlight your valuable past experiences, areas and industries of expertise. We will also showcase the many things you’ve undoubtedly learnt along the way that will help your new clients run a more efficient, productive and profitable business.

The story about you becomes a story people want to read. We draw from the many different bookkeeping businesses and backgrounds our members and licensees have, and use these to leverage our content marketing and online digital marketing — all of which provides a compelling story for website visitors who will then want to make contact with you.


Now You’re A Professional

Once a client makes contact with you, you’ll be able to correspond with them using your professional National Bookkeeping email address rather than one from hotmail, gmail, yahoo, bigpond or any other “personal” email address.

You’ll also become a member of our “cloud-based” productivity suite that uses Google’s G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work). You’ll also have a professional business card to hand out at networking events and sales calls. This is all included for a low annual fee with no commitment to continue if you don’t want to.

Some bookkeepers spend thousands of dollars designing a logo, business cards and a website only to realise that clients are more interested in YOU as a person and not a brand you’ve spent thousands of dollars and dozens of hours on. Furthermore, if you do have a website you then have to spend time and money on hosting, optimisation and digital marketing to get your brand discovered. Instead we take care of all of that for you.


SILVER Package: Digital Profile & Social Media Marketing

Local Bookkeeper Online Digital Profile for Social Media MarketingYour details will be listed in the bookkeeper directory for website visitors to browse. If your profile fits the bill of what a client is looking for, they can contact you directly to enquire about your services.

By being completely transparent, you give your prospective clients as much information as possible so they can be completely confident that they have all the information they need and they can feel 100% confident in choosing you.

Use our website as a resource; refer to it for explaining the contract bookkeeping industry as well as the types of services that you can provide and the rates.

Make sure you choose the SILVER Package to get your digital profile and social media marketing


Learning How to Sell Your Bookkeeping Services

Included in the National Bookkeeping licence are agreements that you can use to clearly define the working relationship between you and your clients. We also include a course in selling which will help you feel more at ease with the concept of selling your services and formalising it in a professional services agreement.

But even before this, you’ll receive useful templates to help you engage with potential clients when you first meet them in your initial consultation or conversation with them over the phone.

If you need help in the actual selling process of engaging with new prospects, finding reasons to converse with them, finding a CTA (Call to Action) and how to handle the first meeting you need the sales training package add-on.


We’re Your Head Office

A number of our bookkeepers have found that they’ve come across an opportunity at their client’s work that they’re not necessarily able to take advantage of themselves. Instead of having to let an opportunity go, and not being able to assist a client, we can connect you with all kinds of people in the bookkeeping industry, from admin contractors to financial controllers and accountants. This is also reassuring if you come across technical questions or issues in your work.

Our goal is to make YOU successful as a bookkeeping and financial contractor for a low fixed annual fee by leveraging our technical and marketing resources.


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