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Quote for Bookkeeping Services

Thanks for taking the time to explain a little bit about how you work and what you expect from a bookkeeper. Your request is now with one of our Customer Service reps and they are filtering our Bookkeeper Talent Pool to find the most appropriate bookkeeper.

The Price You Pay

The price you pay for someone is a result of their knowledge, qualifications and experience and it may also depend on factors like availability, location and the type of business you operate. We aim to provide a matching service to find you the best bookkeeper without paying too much for it.

How We Operate

This will be a good time to understand how we work to find your ideal bookkeeper. There are essentially two options:

  1. National Bookkeeping provides your bookkeeping services and one of our contract bookkeepers do the work. Some bookkeepers prefer to work this way rather than go out completely on their own.
  2. An independent bookkeeping contractor will work for you directly. They will often choose this method as a preference.

What happens next?

Once we match your requirements with a bookkeeper we’ll refine your current circumstances and gather more precise requirements and present these to the bookkeeper who will then confirm that they’d like the work. If both you and the bookkeeper agree on the type of work and pricing we’ll draw up a Professional Services Agreement and work can commence.

Something to understand

We’ve compiled a lot of information for both bookkeepers and business owners better understand factors that affect the type of work that bookkeepers perform and how much they expect to earn for doing that work. A good understanding of these factors will help you understand the market price for a good bookkeeper as well as factors that are included in their charge out rate. These links open in a new window.

How much should you pay for a bookkeeper

What types of work do bookkeepers do

Hourly rate is not the only option

Some bookkeepers are looking for a career path

What’s required to be a registered BAS agent

How to find a good local bookkeeper


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