Partner Program for Registered BAS or TAX Agents

Grow Your Registered BAS or TAX Agent Practice

Growing Seedling for building a Registered BAS Agent businessIf you are a Registered TAX Agent or Registered BAS Agent and you want to grow your business using keen and committed contractors our Partner Program is for you. There is a low cost to participate in our Program but the benefits are that we aim to help you grow your business.

We Can Help with Human Resources

Our Talent Pool consists of

  • Corporate accountants who want to make the change to working child friendly hours and closer to home,
  • Students who have made the career decision to learn and improve their accounting and bookkeeping knowledge and experience so that they can work in this profession
  • Bookkeepers who are looking for more work and smart Registered BAS and Tax Agents to work with

We Can Help with Commitment

Many of our members need you to complete the required number of hours of professional experience performing bookkeeping tasks so they are committed to doing a great job, providing great customer service and continuously improving their knowledge.

With our help you’ll be able to grow your business by increasing your customer base and service revenue.

We Can Help with Sales and Marketing

We work with our members to attract new clients for bookkeeping services and by partnering with National Bookkeeping you’ll be able to grow your business at the same time, the smart way, by working with National Bookkeeping Members that you like.

Our focus is to build a great national team of bookkeeper and provide an economical way to help them attract clients who want to use their services.

In the End it’s Up to You

You can choose the bookkeepers you want to work with at any time. We go through a thorough qualification process to ensure we build a great team, and you can pick and choose the ones you want to work with. You’re always in control.

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