Course 505: MYOB Payroll

Course Topics

TFN-Declaration-Form-300x274-processing pay using myob payroll training coursesMYOB Payroll — Navigating and Finding

MYOB payroll and card file command centres, payroll categories, employee payroll information, employee payment transactions, employee payroll advice report.

MYOB Payroll – Processing Pays

Once you are familiar with navigating around the payroll command centre module of MYOB you’ll learn how to load the current tax tables, create new employee cards and assign wages categories, taxes and deductions for them, setup the superannuation guarantee for qualifying employees and extra super features like salary sacrifice.

Once all the correct data has been entered you’ll process the weekly pay, look at where transactions are entered in the Accounts list (chart of accounts), make modification or deletions if required, process the payment of payroll liabilities and superannuation payments and deductions like the social club and provide employees with their legislated advice slips and payment summaries.

MYOB Payroll – Reporting and Reconciliation

Run several reports including Payroll Summary, employee register, balance sheet and profit and loss to reconcile the entries and payments you’ve made, printing of End of Year summaries for employees and backing up your data and closing the payroll year.


Who would do this MYOB course?

Payroll doesn’t have to be complicated if you have a handful of full time or regular employees. If you have to manage various different types of employee, different awards, timesheets and more you’ll find that Payroll can be a full time job.

What you’ll learn:

  • Payroll Categories and employee information
  • Superannuation information for employees
  • Payment processing
  • Employee payroll reporting

How long does this MYOB course take to complete?

When we operated training centres in Sydney this course would take 1.5 days. Online you can take as long as you need and progress at your own pace.

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