Experienced Bookkeeper – Level 3

Roles & Responsibilities for Level 3 Bookkeeper

Senior Bookkeeper - good, local, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks accounting - Level 2 & 3A level 3 bookkeeper will have good accounting knowledge, is confident when speaking with peers, juniors as well as owners, managers and suppliers and they have some very good experience in certain industries or sectors. This person will know how to resolve trickier transactions, understand operational aspects of the business and even the suppliers or clients businesses and be very good at understanding the different priorities of urgent vs important. Duties include:.

  • accessing source information (receipts, quotes, work orders, purchase orders etc),
  • communicating via email and telephone
  • data entry for money coming into and going out of the business (income & expense record keeping) where needed
  • data entry for orders and sales (debtors & creditors)
  • receiving and making calls to customers (accounts receivable)
  • receiving and making calls to suppliers (accounts payable)
  • Scheduling call backs and followups
  • Running Debtor and Creditor reports and managing their time to followup for payments.
  • Managing junior office admin or accounts staff
  • Liaising with accountant or business owner

The bookkeeping duties and responsibilities for a level 3 bookkeeper may regularly be to perform (under instruction and supervision of course) the duties performed by the BAS Agent, working with Payroll and more complex transactions. The job title for a level 3 bookkeeper is often referred to as an Accounts Manager.

Senior Bookkeepers Report To..

The tasks performed by a level 3 bookkeeper are usually managed by the:

The Level 3 bookkeeper will often perform accounting tasks which relate to the staff and team members of the organisation as well as any tasks which may fill the Level 1 & 2 roles. The Level 3 bookkeeper understands the importance of privacy and discretion involved in payments of wages, benefits, super and other strategic payments. They would also be involved in more complex payment systems like those used in building and construction and with progress payments. Level 3 bookkeepers usually have many years experience in:

  • accounts
  • time management
  • people management, and
  • communications.

Their accounting or bookkeeping knowledge is advanced they’ve got a good amount of experience working with people and managing projects and have solid experience in the sectors and industries they’ve worked in..

Type of People Who Are Level 3 Bookkeepers

2017 Age of most bookkeepers in Australia start a bookkeeping business - chart only

A major benefit of hiring a level 3 bookkeeper is that they’ll confidently speak with any stakeholder about the relevant aspects of the business financials, from juniors to senior management. They access the financial information entered into an electronic accounting system and ensure the correct procedures are followed to ensure good, healthy cashflow and financial management. This person may have been working in the accounting field for several years and has a good amount of experience in selected industries. Middle aged to older this person may be happy with their current skill level and pay and understands their importance to the organisation.

Another common type of person who performs this work is a part time employee or a contract bookkeeper who wants to work flexible hours – a great draw card for the job seeker and a benefit of this type of work for the business owner or manager. This person is often a mum or dad who needs the flexibility and sometimes someone who previously worked in a larger company in the city but doesn’t want to travel as much any more.

These bookkeepers are in the “family” stage of their life normally so they just want to get into the work, do a great job and then get home to their families. Their capacity to multi-task and manage difficult situations sometimes helps them in their work.