Bookkeeper Credit Management – Level 2

Roles & Responsibilities for Level 2 Bookkeeper

Junior level 1 bookkeepers good cheap local bookkeeping services - NatbooksA level 2 bookkeeper is often someone who performs data entry but will get more involved with communicating with suppliers or clients regarding their accounts for the purpose of Creditor and Debtor management.

  • accessing source information (receipts, quotes, work orders, purchase orders etc),
  • communicating via email and telephone
  • data entry for money coming into and going out of the business (income & expense record keeping)
  • data entry for orders and sales (debtors & creditors)
  • receiving and making calls to customers (accounts receivable)
  • receiving and making calls to suppliers (accounts payable)
  • Scheduling call backs and followups
  • Running Debtor and Creditor reports and managing their time to followup for payments.

The bookkeeping duties and responsibilities for a level 2 bookkeeper includes data entry for every day transactions like invoices and purchases orders as well as spending more time communicating with stakeholders regarding money that is owed or owing to the business. The job title for a level 2 bookkeeper is often referred to as an Debtor and Creditor Management.

Junior Bookkeepers Report To..

The tasks performed by a level 2 bookkeeper are usually transactional and they are instructed by the

One of the main lines of supervision relate to tasks which affect the credit and cashflow of the business so regular contact with the accountant or finance manager or even the business owner in smaller businesses. Level 2 bookkeepers usually have many years experience not only in accounts but also with their time management and particularly with their people and communications skills. Where their accounting or bookkeeping knowledge may not be advanced they’ve got a good amount of experience working with people and focus their time on ensuring the business gets paid.

Type of People Who Are Level 2 Bookkeepers

2017 Age of most bookkeepers in Australia start a bookkeeping business - chart only

A major benefit of hiring a level 2 bookkeeper is that they won’t hesitate to get on the phone and make followup calls, notes of these calls and continually work towards resolving any issues. They access the financial information entered into an electronic accounting system and ensure the correct procedures are followed to ensure good, healthy cashflow. This person may have been working in the accounting field for several years and wants some more human contact (this could be a stepping stone or a stable regular job for them) or they may be older accounting staff who are happy to be working without the pressures of career advancement.

Another common type of person who performs this work is a part time employee or a contract bookkeeper who wants to work flexible hours – a great draw card for the job seeker and a benefit of this type of work for the business owner or manager. This person is often a mum or dad who needs the flexibility and sometimes someone who previously worked in a larger company in the city but doesn’t want to travel as much any more.

These bookkeepers are in the “family” stage of their life normally so they just want to get into the work, do a great job and then get home to their families. Their capacity to multi-task and manage difficult situations sometimes helps them in their work.