1. SILVER Membership Package

1. SILVER Package (Digital & Social Media Marketing)


If you have completed an online bookkeeping course and want to get discovered online by businesses in your area consider joining the National Bookkeeper Talent Pool.

If you have experience or training and certification and want to get discovered for bookkeeping work join with a silver membership.

You’ll be promoted as a local bookkeeper your online profile will share details about your certifications, experience and availability.

Online Digital Profile for Contract Bookkeeper

Whether you are (or want to be) a contract bookkeeper choosing your own working hours and clients or are looking for part-time or full-time work as an employee your online profile (as part of the talent pool membership) will help you stand out from other bookkeepers and get discovered for work.

With a SILVER membership and online profile potential employers will be able to contact you directly and this means you’ll need to be prepared with your own “qualification” questions – read on for how we help you with that.

This enables us to support and coach you about how to respond to initial prospect enquiries.

Local Awareness Marketing

Geelong Melbourne Bookkeeper, Bookkeeping and Bookkeeping Training Courses in MYOB, Xero & QuickBooks Online

Even when you perform bookkeeping work from home, employers prefer to have a bookkeeper who is reasonably close to the business. This enables you to travel into the office if needed from time to time. 

Local awareness marketing with the National Bookkeeping Silver Membership package helps you get discovered via Google Search in your local area.

Pre Sales & Customer Service Training Course

This training course package was designed around our experiences with new bookkeepers who are looking for contract or casual work in their local area. 

Every lead is an opportunity to learn and improve your skills in speaking with potential clients. Not all clients will be ideal but you can still be a valuable source of information or help that results in a happy client AND a happy member.

Advanced-Certificate-in-Office-Administration-Payroll-Training-Course-Career-Academy - Finding and Getting Your Ideal Bookkeeping Clients

These are some of the topics included:

  • Qualifying and How To Respond To Ad Enquiries
  • Following Up After An Ad Enquiry
  • Ads Without Follow Up is Throwing Money Away (Sales Pipeline)
  • Listing Your Services On Marketplaces & Directories—Is It Really Worth It?
  • Stay Relevant & Competitive By Refreshing Your Advertising Message
  • Sales Pipelines and Rapport Building
  • Pre-Sales Customer Service – Engage Prospects and Build an Income Pipeline
  • Prospect Not Ready To Buy? Find Out Why
  • Why Would Someone Call YOU to Work for Them?
  • Find Clients By Helping Solve Problems
  • Referral Networks – Don’t Have The Skills? Refer Them On and Get Reciprocal Leads
  • Online Customer Service via Website Chat is a MUST for Businesses – Australian Federal Government Says So!
  • Xero Bookkeeping Tutors – How To Create More Money Making Opportunities
  • When to Work for FREE (but only if you have to)
  • How to Earn Extra Income an an Affiliate

Included in some MYOB & Xero Training Course packages

Bookkeeping Certificate Training, Courses - National Bookkeeping Career Academy to Learn how to use QuickBooks, Xero & MYOB online

Enrol into our Xero Bookkeeping Pro package and receive the Standard SILVER package membership free of charge.

You’ll also receive the bookkeeping business startup course to help you price and package your services and identify what your ideal client looks like.

We receive enquiries from individuals, companies and small businesses for training too so if you are interested in offering training to local businesses please let us know.

Get Started by Pre Qualifying

Ready to begin the journey? Provide us with your work experience and contact details using the Pre Qualification Form and get free entry into our National Bookkeeper Talent Pool.

If we think you’ll be a good fit for our network we’ll let you know the packages available and offer you a membership.

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