30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Why do we offer a Money-back Guarantee

Starting a new business can be very nerve racking for some people. We understand that members may also be at very different skill levels when it comes to using a computer and that their confidence may not be as high as they like so we offer a money back guarantee.

Our advertising and training programs include a variety of different delivery methods including training videos. Training videos require a good broadband Internet connection and while the videos are no larger than a typical Youtube video some students have slow Internet connections and we want them to be able to use our system and see if its suitable.

Understanding English, being able to speak confidently and having good communication skills and a customer support bent are all personality traits that are important to succeed. If you discover that starting your own business was too big a step for you right now you’ll be able to take advantage of our money back guarantee.

We are also very confident of the quality of our training delivery, the amount of content that we include for the price and our marketing and sales system that we offer a Money-back Guarantee.


The workbooks included in some courses are subject to copyright and because they can be downloaded as a digital file a charge of $45 per workbook will be deducted from a refund if one is requested if you access a training workbook or other written resource within the course. We also expect that you can would know fairly quickly if you like our training course. Our money back guarantee is offered in good faith if you believe you will have difficulty learning from our course or being part of our community.

There are costs associated in getting new members into the system and aware of how to progress and we pay for these services regardless if a member decides to cancel and leave the system. As a result a registration fee of 20% of the total amount payable is deducted from any refund issued with a minimum admin fee of $60. Where a service like creating a digital profile or other advertising is concerned most of the work is performed in creating and publishing the profile so if, within the money back guarantee period, you decide you would prefer not to continue we will refund 50% of the fee paid. Requests must be made in writing by email or mail.

We May Refund Your Registration Fees

It is important to us that all members of the community act in good faith and in the best interests of not only their other members, but also their clients and their prospective clients. If we discover a serious breach of our professional code of conduct or other customer service standard we may at our discretion refund your registration fees and cancel your membership. In these circumstances the refund will be calculated pro-rata over a 12 month period.