Congratulations Here is your Workbook


bookkeeping-and-accounting-procedures-manual-image-1Thanks for taking the time to go through our free registration process. Your free Xero Setup Training Workbook is available to download by click on the Download Workbook link below.

This workbook takes you through:

  • Key accounting terminology
  • Bookkeeping Processes & recommendations
  • Setting up a chart of accounts
  • Setting up suppliers and customers
  • Accessing and using Xero



We hope you get a lot of value from this Setup Workbook.

We provide this for free because we think EVERY business should use the Internet for their accounting to save a lot of time in the menial data entry type work so that we can come along and efficiently make sure all the information is ready for compliance with the ATO and provides great quality reports so you can measure your business success!

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